Start-up Company Project Description

Founder(s): Karthik M

Company Name: Kaliru Technologies

Smart Number Plate – An innovation in this project is simple smart system which will replace or reduce the human work. This technology can be implemented in both the two-wheeler and four-wheeler in a smart way. It is easy for the police and other departments to identify which vehicle has the proper documents. Also, it will lead to reduce the crimes happening.

Founder(s): Cyril Joseph

Company Name: Measurey

Overhead Distribution Line Fault Detection System –  Automatic power line fault detection is a device that detects, identifies and locates the fault present in the power distribution line caused by various natural or manmade forces. This project mainly focuses on the section of power line that connects the transformer with customers. These faults are directly affects the customers so that it must be found out and rectified as fast as possible.

Founder(s): Akshay M S

Suryakanth Shenoi R

Company Name: Lewenholk Technologies

Advanced PCB Printing Technology without Etching – PCB is one of the base factors of electronics. Conventionally we print these by marking and etching method. But this method is highly costly, causes pollution, it takes more time to print a single piece, and it makes material wastage also. In our technology we avoid etching process and make the printing faster and cheaper. It causes less pollution and low material wastage.

Founder(s): Shahrooque Shahjahan

Midhun Headly Lawrance

Company Name: Orbcrux

SOWAFIS (Soap Water Filtration System) – Soap Water Filtration System (SOWAFIS) provides unique way of filtration processes with clustering up of modern and traditional filtration processes in a reasonable low cost with easy implementation. The filtration methods help to recycle the soapy waste water with removing the contaminating elements and obtain water with sufficient quality to be used to wash the utensils, to reuse the swimming pool water and also for the irrigation purpose.

Founder(s): Anas Mohammed Ali

Mrudul Mohandas A

Rahul K R

Mohammed Asarudheen S

Company Name: Furitech Innovations

Automated Portable Vertical Solar Stacker – Automated and Portable Vertical Solar Stacker (APVSS) is a mechanical design used to increase the space efficiency in installing the solar panels. In today’s world, solar energy became a very important source of renewable energy. A large area of land is utilised for installing the solar panels for high scale renewable energy production. It works on the principle of reflection by the mirrors.

Founder(s): Ujjwal K Menon

Company Name: Pairme Technologies

Portable Dual Screen Attachments for Laptops – A user convenient laptop attachment intended for professional designers and business purpose, proposed project implements dual screen laptop in retractable configuration to handle dual PC Streaming. It also removes the common back pain issues that many laptop users complain while using laptops for long period of time. It implements it by placing the secondary screen the normal line of sight and maintains normal sitting postures. Proposed model can be implemented as individual part compatible with latest laptop models or as a complete new computer assembly.

Founder(s): Jayaprakash J

Rokkith S K

Aakash C

Hithayadullah H

Company Name: RAJJ Solar System

Dual – Axis Tracking System Based Floating Solar Panel for Energy Harvesting – The idea of innovation of this start-up was sparked by the teammates. The main objective was to produce high efficiency of electricity with low- cost using dual-axis tracking system. Here, introducing new product to the society named as “Dual-axis Floating Solar Panel Tracking System” which reduces the evaporation in water bodies. The efficiency is very high compared that of ground mounted solar panels. The experimental results show that the proposed tracking system increases the efficiency of electrical energy by averagely 44.89%, using the developed system compared with the fixed flat-plate system.

Founder(s): Gobi Shankar P

Vaishnavi T

Aparna E P

Mohammed Vasib P

Company Name: AVGV Quadcopter

Environmental Sensing using Quadcopter for Mining and Exploration – The innovative ideas came whenever the Founders saw the AIRCRAFTS in the sky, and were interested to reduce their sizes and used it in various purposes. They use the Mine detecting program by using the ENVIRONMENTAL SENSOR. We came up with the plan of reducing the cost by using the carbon fiber frames.

Founder(s): Subash S U

Santhish Kumar N,

Sri Ram M

Vishnu J

Company Name: Uzhavu

Semi-Automatic Harvesting Equipment Uzhavu Technologies is a farming equipment developing company that will be providing with a solution for the harvesting of ground vegetable with the alternative for the conventional internal combustion engines to motor power machineries. And we are planning to develop our electrified agricultural vehicles to resolve the environmental pollutions with the state of the art technology and better performance.

Founder(s): P.K.Subash

Company Name: Brahmastra Bio Energy

RE-CHAR-GE (REcycled hydroCHAR GEneration) BIOMASS – Brahmastra Bioenergy is a futuristic Bio Renewable energy mainly concentrates on the Municipality Solid Waste Management, Bio Renewable energy, Pollution control and Reduction of Greenhouse Gases emission from Landfills of the country. The Main product of the company is Bio renewable Hydrochar.