Guidelines for submitting the proposals

    The following guidelines are to be followed in submitting the proposals.
  • 1. Projects can be submitted by the Students who are pursuing Science and Engineering degree in all the colleges of Nehru Group of Institutions, for availing funding from the New Gen IEDC.
  • 2. NGI – New Gen IEDC aims to inculcate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the young Science & Technology students, encourage and support start-up creation through guidance, mentorship & support.
  • 3. Screening process will be carried out to select best projects and the same will be communicated for Internal and External presentation.
  • 4. One Mentor can supervise a student batch with any number of proposals but only one Idea will be sanctioned.
  • 5. A batch must comprise of four students. A team can also incorporate multi disciplinary students.
  • 6. NGI – New Gen IEDC will send a circular calling for new project proposals one month in advance.
  • 7. Once the proposals are submitted, changes in project title, students and mentor will not be entertained except for valid conditions.
  • 8. Each Proposals will be subjected to six stages of screening as below, i. Project proposal – Internal Screening ii. Internal review iii. External review iv. Purchase Committee Review v. Product submission – Internal review vi. EDII && DST review – External review
  • 9. The marks secured in each stages of screening can be collected from NGI – New Gen IEDC Coordinator Dr. T. Jayaprakash through concern college coordinators.
  • 10. Within 10 months of sanctioning, the prototype must be developed and hand over to New Gen IEDC office along with the original bills of purchased items. A detailed project report and working video of your prototype should also be submitted.
  • 11. The quoted amount will be released after the approval based on the above conditions by the EDII&DST.
  • 12. An awareness session will be conducted from NGI – New Gen IEDC regarding the above mentioned process in NGI campuses.