Start – Up Company Project  Description

Founder(s):  Ms. Amrutha Mohan,

Ms.Shamna M

Mr.Fariz M

Mr.Akash K

Mentor Name: Ms. Chitra K G

Company Name: ACE BUILDERS

Papercrete paverblock with plastic waste : Our start up idea is to design and manufacture paverblocks with recycled materials such as papercrete and plastic wastes as substitute for normal conventional materials . It is a recovery operation by which waste materials are reprocessed into products ,materials ,or substances are done by which a proper waste management is carried out. It provides same aesthetics and property as that of a conventional paverblock in the market.

Founder(s): Mr. Niranjan Sahadev

Mr.Hari Krishnan S

Mr.Vishnu Biju

Mr.Don Martin V J

Mentor Name: Mr.John George

Company Name: NANO WATERS

Water Purification System Using Nanomaterials: Our start up idea is to manufacture a product which desalinates as well as purifies sea water into pure drinkable water. A product which purifies water to levels that modern day purifiers could not and that to at an affordable price. Not only sea water it can purify water containing toxic substances, nuclear wastes etc. It utilizes a
novel Graphene Oxide(GO) desalination technique to desalinate and purify sea water, and our aim is every household must have access to pure drinkable water.

Founder(s): Ms.Likhitha K.K
Mr. Dharanishvar R

Mentor Name: Dr.A.Anitha
Company Name: PLANTANGO

Usefulness of Banana Waste in Manufacturing Value Added Bio-Products:

Banana is one of the important fruit crops grown almost in every state of India. After harvesting it generates huge quantity of waste in the form of pseudostem, which are cut in and Left in the Fields. On an average about 60 to 80 tones/ha of pseudostem are thrown away annually. Disposal of pseudostemin a routine ways causing environmental problems and making ecosystem imbalance.  Currently, farmers are facing huge troubles in disposing the accumulated banana pseudostem. Therefore, an effective and economic way of reducing environmental problem by extraction of fibre and production of value added products like nursery trays and fertilizer from banana waste (pseudo stem) is ideal. In connection with this, fibre based seedling tray, vermicompost and fertilizers will be prepared and that could be effectively marketed due to its consistent size, easily degradable and it wont produce objectionable odour. 


Founder(s): Ms. Neeraja S Nair,

Ms. Sukanya P,
Mr. Albright Saji,

Ms. Shoufila Sherin

Mentor Name: Dr. R Kasimani 


Single Cell Protein Production Production Startup:Our start up idea is Single cell protein production from Spirulina. This project proposal aspires on the installation of small scale Spirulina production by using environmentally friendly methods of cultivation as well as processing and marketing of the species. In addition our proposal emphasizes importance to address malnourishment by providing regular nutritional supplements.

Founder(s): Ms. Shilpa H
Ms. Anjaly P

Ms.Kritika M

Ms.Sneha Sudheer Kumar

Mentor Name: Ms. O S Nimmi


Green Pouches – A Green and Sustainable Solution for the Food Industry: Banana (Musa acuminata) peel will be selected as a model to prevent an ultimate loss of huge amount of untapped biomass. It is a potential alternative for conventional petroleum based plastic, it is not harmful to nature and are easily decomposable. Further by technological inventions – biodegradable green pouches with antimicrobial property can be developed.

Founder(s): Ms. Karthika S P

Mr. Dixith K A

Mr. Gokul S

Mentor Name: Dr.N.Saranya

Company Name: PRAKENAV’S

Bioenzymatic Healthcare Products: Enzymes are essential components of animals, plants, and microorganisms, due to the fact that they catalyze and co-ordinate the complex reactions of cellular metabolism.

Up until the 1970s, most of the commercial applications of enzymes involved animal and plant sources. Bulk enzymes were generally only used within the food-processing industry, and enzymes from animals and plants were preferred, as they were considered to be free from the problems of toxicity and contamination that were
associated with enzymes of microbial origin.
Bio-enzymatic production is the fermented product of organic substances (solid fruit wastes) yielding by the secondary metabolites known as bioactive compounds or phytochemicals.

This leads to an innovative approach to the production of enzymes over the conventional methods that require costly solvents and possible degradation of heat-labile compounds. This way of change can help our planet which is reeling under unchecked pollution, severe contamination of harmful chemicals, and help us move towards a natural and sustainable way.

Founder(s): Ms. Varsha P V
Ms. Anjana A,

Mentor Name: Dr. S Esath Natheer
Company Name: ZNSOLFERT

Bio-formulation of Zinc Solubilizing Bacterial Fertilizer– Znsolfert is a small business startup located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India started with an aim to produce the bacterial biofertilizer as an alternative for the chemical fertilizers to increase the yield of crop plants with minimum cost of production. Also started with an aim to alleviate the environmental pollution by using eco-friendly bacterial species to increase the soil texture and fertility, which helps the farmer’s community to get maximum benefits.

Founder(s):Mr. Sooraj S

Ms.Mohanapriya G

Mentor Name: Mr. Tony Dhiwahar

Company Name: CYTTA

MIME (Message interpretation through Mind Engineering):   Our startup idea is all about inventing new devices that can help a physically disabled person and also develop advanced communicating devices. To manufacture a feasible communicating device that helps a physically challenged individual especially “deaf-mute” for easy communication. A portable electronic device that can be carried out for daily purposes just like other electronic devices such as smartphones, Tab etc.

Founder(s): Ms. Arya A,
Ms.Aparna C,

Mentor Name: Dr. M D Dinesh
Company Name: ECOBION

 Low Cost Technology for Development of Organic Biopesticide: Our start up idea is to develop a low cost technology for organic bio pesticide. In the proposed project, Bacillus thuringiensis will be cultivated using protein and carbohydrate rich agricultural waste like wheat or rice bran, potato tubercles etc. for the production of insecticidal delta endotoxin. Then the endotoxin will be purified and lyophilized. The purified endotoxin is our product which can be marketed in both liquid and solid form based on performances of farmers. Low cost technology also supports very less market price when compared to commercially available bio pesticides.

Founder(s): Ms.Hiba,

Ms.Rasiya Sulthana A,

Ms.Abinandhini J.

Mentor Name: Dr. P. Vinothkumar

Company Name: GEOXU

ENZYME PRODUCTION FOR DEGRADING PLASTIC-GEOXU, is the company planned tolaunch on the basis production of enzyme PETase extracted from themicroorganism Ideonella sakaiensisby the process of culturing andcentrifugation to degrade thepolythene to MHET that will laterhydrolysed into the monomers.

Founder(s):Mr. Ashish D,

Mr. Aswin Radhakrishnan,

Mr. Jishad J,

Mr. Amal Kumar T

Mentor Name: Mr. Rajkumar G


Plasma Waste Power Generator:Our start up project based on the design and development of a solution for the existing problem due to pollution caused by plastic materials. Utilization of plastics to generate an energy source as well as reducing the pollution caused by plastic materials. Hence this product can be scaled according to the customer needs.

Founder(s):Mrs Fowsiya P A

Mentor Name: Dr. Sopha Manakkal
Company Name: THE SOLAR

HELICAL WINDMILL: This project deals with the fabrication of a power generation system using wind mill with magnetic levitation. This project is a combination of electrical engineering and sustainable development in developing countries. The goal has been to build a windmill driven to produce power. The turbines convert wind energy into rotary mechanical energy. The wind mill blade is coupled to the gear arrangement and it rotates according to the wind speed. Important point throughout the project that has been kept in thought is to minimize cost and to only use materials that local farmers can get hold of.

Founder(s):Ms. Sruthikrishna P K
Ms. Drisya M K

Ms.Sreelakshmi K P

Mentor Name: Dr. Sapna Shrikumar

Company Name: MESPA

 Development of Natural Peptide Anti-Microbial Coats as Biotechnological Tool : Our start-up idea is to design a Herbal Anti-microbial Sticker incorporation with plant bioactive components.The reason we think the products, anti-microbial stickers will be a great fit for our society is because nowadays Covid and other microbial diseases is getting worse. The stickers using plant bioactive components have anti-microbial activity and this product automatically destroys the disease causing viruses and microbes on each touch.And our products are ecofriendly and have less or no harmful effects compared to synthetic ones.

Founder(s): Mr.Akhil Ajay

Mr.Nafath M

Mentor Name: Dr. T. Tamilselvan


 Organic face mask with silver nano particles : To prepare reusable and ecofriendly face mask with advanced microbial resistant technic by using silver nano particles .

Founder: Ms . Kaviya V

Ms.Karthika P

Ms.Pavithra M

Ms. Sandhiya Devi M

Mentor Name: Mrs. S M Deepa

IoT- Monitoring Heartbeat and Body Temperature of Patient and Prediction of Dosage:An Arduino microcontroller board is used for analyzing the inputs from the patient temperature and heartbeat. This project provides a device which will continuously monitor the vital parameters to be monitored for a patient. If any critical situation arises in a patient, this unit also raises an alarm. This is very useful for future analysis and review of patient’s health condition. In recent years the world is facing a common problem. Years,the world is facing a common problem that the number of elderly people is increasing. Hence, the problem of home-care for elderly people is very important. In this, IOT is becoming a major platform for many services and applications, also using Node MCU not just as a sensor node but also a controller here. Project proposes a generic health monitoring system as a step forward to the progress made. 

Founder(s):  Ms. Dhivyadharshini V

Mr. Bala Karthikeyan B

Mr. Shree Sachidhanandham P M R

Mentor Name: Dr.P.Maniiarasan,



 Design and Fabrication of Tabletop Low Speed Wind Tunnel : This project has been designed to achieve low speed in the working section with expected low intensity turbulence level, making it available for researching in areas such as low speed aerodynamics (flight and terrestrial vehicles), sport activities, civil engineering applications, fundamental research in Fluid Mechanics and other possibilities.

Here we are focusing on an open circuit wind tunnel which is more like a tube that is open at both ends and it is cost efficient.A typical open circuit wind tunnel consists of honey comb section, axial flow fan, test section, diffuser, contraction nozzle etc. The significance of this low speed table top wind tunnel design is of low construction cost and it has a superior design for propulsion and smoke visualization.This table top low speed wind tunnel offers a complete system ready for aerodynamic experimentation. 

Founder(s): Ms. Gayathri L

Ms. Divya Bharathi

Mentor Name: Mrs. S. Jenisha

Company Name: GADIFEM

GADIFEM: In our Country, even though it has super power and an economic development, but still there are many crimes against women. The atrocities against the women can be brought to an end with the help of our product “GADIFEM” This watch device is a security system, specially designed for women in distress. Thiswatch is specially made with camera, Alarm, transmitters for sending messages,sharing photos, sharing location just in one button to crime and nearby police station andit isalso specially made for handicaps. We can also also add pepper spray and needle in one button for girl’ssafety. Finally it’s an “ALL IN ONE” security device which has all the features in one click.

Founder(s): Mr. Sanderson Paul M
Mr. Sri Krishna R

Mr. Praveen Kumar B

Mr. Balaganesan M

Mentor Name: Mr. Karthikeyan J

                          Mr. Sudarmani. R
Company Name: SPK TECH

Automotive blackbox: Our start up idea is to manufacture products like blackbox which will be useful to investigate the accidents. This will be in portable size and fitted in rear section of the two wheelers . Our automotive blackbox is based on health care and investigation purpose.


Founder(s): Mr. Karthik M S

Mentor Name: Dr. M Maheswaran

Company Name:  I-CHAKKAR

Smart and Self-reliant Two Wheelers: Our start up idea is to design and manufacture an intelligent product which would make our two wheelers simply smart and self reliant. This IOT based system makes the two wheeler, self balancing, protects from theft by incorporating Biometric and voice control based locking system and more over safeguards the two wheeler and passengers with the help of intelligent accident prevention and alert system.

Founder(s): Mr. Raghul Prasad R
Mentor Name: Mr. Mohan S


Intelligent Body Temperature, Mask, and Facial Recognition: Our start-up idea is to craft a device that is technologically advanced and easily usable for any present or upcoming pandemic period. It is developed to record an employee’s face, status of facial mask&body temperature and upload the data to the cloud that will be easily accessible to the company. The main goal is to produce a completely safe automated environment.

Founder(s): Mr. Richard R

Mentor Name: Dr.N.K.Sakthivel

Company Name: TRONIX

PRO COMP PROJECTOR:Our start up idea is to design and manufacture Computer Projector. It is designed to give dual  performance.  It has inbuilt WIFI and  bluetooth for Wireless Connection. It won’t consume high electric current like desktop and projector.  A mobile adapter is enough to power up this projector. It is light weighted we can carry this product anywhere

Founder(s): Ms. Gnanapriyadharshini S V
Ms. Vasudara Devi G,

Ms. Gayathri N

Mr. Nishanth M

Mentor Name: Dr. K. Sathish Kumar

Low  Cost  8  Channel  Pressure  Scanner   for   Research and Industrial Application: Matching up with the ever increasing requirements of the researchers worldwide, our company is proposing to provide a 8 Channel Pressure Scanner at low cost to cater the research needs. The proposed instrument will contain 8 numbers of temperature compensated pressure sensors with an accuracy of 0.25%. The entire unit will be housed within a stylish metal enclosure and it will be connected to a computer through an USB port for data processing.

Founder(s):Ms. Mahalakshmi G

Ms.Liberna B

Ms. Kousiga A

Ms. Sivasankari B

Mentor Name: Ms. Abhirami P

Company Name: MUSA FOODS

Nutritious healthy bar:Our start up idea is to develop a new product based upon millets in which raw banana peel powder is added. This product is a healthy bar in which calcium,fiber can be supplemented to the customers. Apart from new product development, this product also has one advantage, where waste to wealth concept has been applied

Founder(s): Ms. Deepin Raghul A J,
Ms. Konsa Jorin A,

Ms. Mariya Seja Davincy S

Mentor Name: Mr. Allocious Britto Rajkumar R
Company Name: TRIVIA GEN

 IRF TRIDENT REMOTE: IR/RF Remote Controllers are widely used for controlling Tv,AC, Modern Fans, Cars etc… These remotes get broken or lost some other day where most of the common people find difficult getting an alternate remote controller for their use, which may end up with getting a useless or non-suitable remote controller. These IRF Trident Remote will bring a complete stop to all the problems mentioned above, it will be anall-in-one solution in modern era of IR & RF controlled systems. As this remote comprises of Both RF and IR frequencies, there will be no worries of any controllers lost. This remote replicates the frequencies captured by the remote once and relays each time when we want.So, there is no need to have multiple remotes for each device.

Founder(s): Ms.Nivetha B,

Mr. Kumuraguru M,

Mentor Name: Mr. A S Rajan

Company Name: B M CHANK MATE

THE CONCH:  we can incorporate the  chank mate for easy removal of conch from under water. We can avoid the deaths of fisherman. Our innovation is new one . This idea was not exit and our product is also not available in market. We only first described this idea.

Founder(s):Ms. Denuja S,

Mentor Name: Ms. Gulja S Nair

Company Name: POPS SOUP MIX

Watermelon Seed Instant Soup Mix:Our start up idea is to design and manufacture soup product which is developed from waste food, under the process of waste food management.Watermelon Seed Instant soup mix, specially made for children, soup lovers and for parents who are interested in serving their children both healthy and tasty food product.This product is prepared under all rules and regulations, without adding heavy flavourings. And By this product we are   going to create an awareness about reducing plastic usage by covering   our  product by cloth covering from our company.And by attaching   one seed per packet, we are going to enhance growing of plants. Innovation is utilizing the waste food product to a value added   product.


Founder(s):Mr. Sharath R S

                    Mr.Khosa Khesoh

                     Mr. Dhrisyal A

Mentor Name: Mr. Madhan P

Company Name: OYSTER LOCKS

Low Cost Pavers: Our Start up idea is to manufacture low cost interlock pavers from waste materials like oysterlocks and arecanut fibre which can replace the present interlocks in market and it is a initiative step in showing how the materials around us can be used in construction field without exploiting nature for construction materials.

Founder(s):Mr. Ashik K V
Mr. Praveen G V

Mr. Harindranath G

Ms. Athulya N

Mentor Name: Mrs. Nithya L

Company Name: IOTECH

Smart Water Monitoring System (SWMS):Smart Water Monitoring System(SWMS) is a cost effective and efficient system designed to monitor and manage quality and quantity of drinking water which makes use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology.The proposed system consists of several sensors to monitor various parameters of water such as Water level, pH, Oxygen level, Turbidity, Temperature, Humidity and… etc.This Smart Water Monitoring System (SWMS) is connected to internet using WiFi ,so that it can be controlled by its user from anywhere in the world using mobile application or web application, each and every updates are notified to the user.

Founder(s): Ms. Amala K Roy

Ms. Pavithra K

Mr.Aravith Perumal P

Mr.Sushil P S

Mentor Name: Mr. Ramkumar A C


Automated Money Counting Machine for Treasuries:

The donation boxes are primary source of income to the temples. However these huge sums of donations make it a tedious exercise for their office-bearers to count cash and hand it over to the bank.  So we strive to produce A faster, automated and precise machine can therefore completely replace and smoothen the Counting Coins and Currency note ,By using computer vision based technology along with image processing . The design was built on the Raspberry Pi platform with Open CV. This device utilizes image processing techniques to perform the coin classification and counting . The same methods, in modified forms is used for currency notes. It  uses colour and size of the  Currency to segregate and counting .The sorting software’s output  result back to the hardware control, which handles the money collection.

Founder: Ms . Indhu S

Mentor Name: Mrs. Shinduja V
Company Name: GREENDCO

Development of A Natural Soft Drink Incorporated with Betel and Sarsaparilla ExtractsOur proposed drink is a lemon-based drink incorporated with betel and sarsaparilla extracts. The addition of betel and sarsaparilla will make the drink have medicinal properties such as anti-diabetic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-diuretic, and indigestion preventive. It will be a refreshing, post/pre-meal soft drink with a well-known and acceptable taste profile suitable for all age groups. It aims to develop products for the health of society and also to preserve and document our natural traditional sources.