Start – Up Company Project  Description

Founder(s):  Mr. Kishore Ram U

Mr. Vignesh V

Mr.Hemanath S

Mentor Name: Dr R Deepa

Company Name: Vistasense

Intellilens (Intelligent Lens)A start-up to design a wearable smart device in the form of  eyeglass with a wide range of features such as alert and notification, call notification, map gestures, image and video projections on the eyesight. The features  Notes on screen, Map notification & Gestures, App notification, Music control, Fitness & Wellbeing, Weather, Clock & Date and more. 

A wearable smart device with vast features at affordable price”

Founder(s): Mr. Balamalli Vikram

Mr. Yanamala Pedda Pullareddy

Mr. Jagadeesh M D N V

Mr. Jalagiri Achyuth Kumar

Mentor Name: Dr V T Krishna Prasath

Company Name: Sonus Vision

Soundscape Sensor: An audio assistant for blind people could greatly enhance their independence, safety, and accessibility by providing real-time audio descriptions of the environment and offering navigation and guidance features. By leveraging advanced technologies, such an innovation has the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for individuals with visual impairments.

Founder(s): Ms. Saranya G
Ms. Harini S

Mr. Jaya Nandhanan

Mentor Name: Mr Madan Mohan M

Company Name: Helacell Technology

Visionary Navigation Cane: Visionary Navigation Cane: The product is designed for visually impaired people to interact in this society with confidence. The stick is designed with fully equipped walking stick with the following features, Face recognition, object motion detection Emotion detection & GPS tracking service along with Navigation guidance to the destination and obstacle alarm. Wireless communication using Bluetooth to the user. The stick will aid the user in various ways which uses the technologies such as ML and DL using Raspberry pi and a raspberry pi viewable camera.


Founder(s): Mr. Sivachandru V M

Ms. Aparnna Sri G
Mentor Name: Dr. P. Maniiarasan

Company Name:  Adam’s Ale

Rehydrating Drink: Our start-up idea is to find the solution for dehydration problem. Here we are solving that issue with our 2xHydrating Water with added flavours. In this solution, the drinking water will be more hydrative and flavoured in affordable price. Especially we have found a great solution for Periods Cramp for women. It will be more helpful to hospitalized patients, common people and also as diet drink in gyms.

Founder(s): Mr. Prashanth S
Mr. Kannan S J

Mentor Name: Mr T Prabu

Company Name: Pyro Pixels Productions

Digital FirecrackersWe envision a groundbreaking transformation in the realm of celebrations and events through the creation of digital firecrackers. Our mission is to revolutionize traditional festivities by harnessing cutting-edge technology to offer virtual pyrotechnic experiences that captivate with the same awe-inspiring visual displays and exhilaration. Safety, convenience, and sustainability lie at the core of our innovation, as our digital firecrackers discard open flames and harmful emissions, ensuring a remarkable, eco-friendly celebration that leaves a lasting imprint of joy and excitement. 

Founder(s): Mr. Harikrishna G

Mr. Disilva B

Mr. Manikandan M

Mr. Infant Manicka Raj J

Mentor Name: Mr. Ragul Vignesh M

Company Name: Mid-H

Supplier: Android application from our company that connects event organizers and food servers directly by providing workers for catering services, restaurants, five-star hotels, and birthday celebrations. Ungraduated employees, part-time employees, and college students are the workforce for our organization. Event organizer requests for
services and then our app sends out notifications to everyone who has registered around their area. If the request is accepted, then app might set up a chat room, invite the supervisor, and exchange the information. After the task is finished, the owner will apply for payment and provide it to the workers.

Founder(s): Mr. Sujeendhar M
Mr. Santhosh A

Mr. Samuel Jabez R

Mr. Gokulkrishnan M

Mentor Name: Mr. Arun Patrick K
Company Name: Techi Works

Movie Ticket Booking App: The idea is all about creating an android application to book movie tickets through online and also to avoid the commission money paid by users to third party online ticket booking platforms which reduces ticket cost. We will also create a good UI/UX for our app to make the user experience better and user friendly.

Founder(s):Mr. Mohamed Anas M

Mr. Ganesh Moorthi A

Mr. Hari Prakash P

Mr. Balaram O

Mentor Name: Mr. Anand R

Company Name: Smart Engineers

Portable Weighbridge: Smart Engineers is proposed to be a startup nurtured by a group of engineers student team. The company aims at establishing a high moral standard in terms of protecting the environment and a valuable customer service. Starting from the portable weigh bridge, the company has the future expansion plans of IoT utilisation. As a social responsibility, we constantly strive hard to educate and train the students community to produce products.

Founder(s): Mr. Thenamudhan J
Mr. Alwin Biju

Mentor Name: Dr. Sivaraja M & Mr Madhan P

Company Name: Wood Tech Solutions

 Transparent Wood: The new aero gel used wood cellulose to create a transparent material that enables windows with a same insulation as a wall. Transparent could be a part of this trend and according to the study published in science of total environment it could be a excellent substitute for both glass and plastic. Transparent wood is one of the innovative construction material that hold the potential to lift the construction sector to a whole new level. The basic principle consist of extracting the lignin from wood biopolymer and replacing the transparent material. Transparent wood is produced by treating and compressing wood strips. In the production process, lignin is replaced by polymers to make the wood transparent. As far as transparent woods is strength is concerned, it as the same strength lumber whilst being far lighter. Finally transparent wood could be utilized in home construction and bring more light into the house, consequently reducing the need for artificial light which can consume a lot of power.

Founder(s): Ms. Vaishnavi G

Ms. Swathi S K

Ms. Anushiya C

Mr. Rajesh Kumar G

Mentor Name: Dr K Parimala Gandhi

Company Name: Bloom Living

Basil Based Biscuit, Chips, Halwa And Papad: Basil based Biscuit, Chips, Halwa & Papad helps to maintain skin health and mental health, lower the cholesterol & blood sugar level. We add Milk, Brown Sugar, Butter, Nuts and Wheat flour into basil syrup. It’s give an excellent source of vitamin K, manganese, iron and dietary fiber. The product has gained its importance because of its taste, flavour, it contains no sugar, nutrition, health benefits and sweet taste to the consumers. 

Founder(s):Mr. Pugazhaoviyan S

Mr. Mukil K S

Mentor Name: Mr. Mohammed Raffic N

Company Name: Pro Foods

Millet Yogurt Mix:  Our idea is to develop a yogurt mix with millet malt glycyrriza glabra. Millet yogurt is a healthy one which is alternative to traditional yogurt because it contains no added sugars and it is a probiotic food, which help to improve gut health and boost the immune system. It also has a low glycemic index, which will a good snack option for health conscious people, and fermented food lovers. 

Founder(s):Mr. Hariprasath B

Ms. Divya B

 Mentor Name: Mrs. Shinduja V

Company Name: Lofty Agrotech

Agrotheraphist an automatic agriculture drone that address the major marketing issues of South India Small Scale Farmers and Large-scale farmers by reducing the production losses and involves in crops Illness Identification and providing e-prescription along with current market price, online order, nutrients dispensing, involves in soil micro and macro nutrients identification and finally providing Quality assurance certificate to the user’s mobile in a real time. We are connecting the local farmers with domestic as well as international buyers and marketing suggestions based on quality assurance certificate. Since this idea helps you to continuously monitor the progress, we can increase the yield.

Founder(s):Mr. Sanjay Krishnan K
Mr. Kabil A K

Mentor Name: Mr. Ajith Mohan

Company Name: S K Manufacturers

 Tree Climbing Robot is an instrument that can use especially in coconut trees and areca nut trees. In the case of coconut tree the device climbs and cuts the coconut using the principle of Pascal’s law of hydraulics and robotics. Here we are more relying on fluid force as working principle. No risk for human life which we can control the instrument from under the tree. AOT and Robotics is used here for wireless controlling of movement of the device.

Founder(s): Ms. Chandana K

Mentor Name: Mrs. Jisha K V

Company Name: CJ Technologies

 IOT based Non Contact Respiration Monitoring: To design and implement a novel, cost-effective and efficient system using the non-contact wireless system for Respiration Monitoring, We develop a system for contactless measurement of the respiratory rate and the extraction of breath patterns from chest movements. The system consists of an Ultra-wideband RADAR Sensor for capturing respiratory parameters. The respiratory rate is extracted from the collected chest movements, the respiratory rate is calculated, and if any abnormality is detected this information is transmitted to the predefined contacts using IOT.

Founder: Ms . Amitha Madhav C S

Mr. Athul Nath M

Mr. Emmanuel Eldho

Mr. Mohammed Hussain A

Mentor Name: Ms. Shishira M C

Company Name: EHAA Technologies

Automatic Timetable and Schedule Generator: Our project is an innovative automated timetable generator application designed to revolutionize scheduling processes for educational institutions and organizations. Using advanced algorithms our application efficiently generates suitable timetables for the entire institution, taking into account various constraints and preferences. Built with Python and Flask, our web-based platform offers a user-friendly interface, allowing administrators and educators to input course details, teacher availability, classroom capacities, and other relevant constraints. Our intelligent algorithm optimizes the scheduling process, ensuring the best possible allocation of resources and minimizing conflicts.

Founder(s):  Ms. Darsana Anand

Mentor Name: Ms. Kiran M

Company Name: Focus Point Innovations


IOT Based Automatic Tea/Liquid Dispenser Machine Using Arduino: Our start-up idea is automatic tea/ coffee/liquid dispenser machine using Arduino with IoT and RFID saves time for users. With its automated functionality (moves from one place to another), it eliminates the need for manual dispensing, reducing waiting times and minimizing human effort. This time-saving aspect benefits both individuals and businesses, increasing efficiency and productivity in various settings. By providing touch less and controlled dispensing, it helps prevent the spread of diseases and infections, improving public health and safety. Additionally, its efficient usage of liquid resources minimizes wastage, contributing to environmental sustainability. 

Founder(s): Ms. Nikhila V S

Ms. Akshaya Unni K C

Mentor Name: Dr. Sapna Shrikumar

Company Name: Gynorah Pvt Ltd

Tools for Detection of Adulterants in Marketed Food Products: To develop some affordable tools to identify the presence of the common adulterants used in food products. The harmful effect index can be established with these tools. This idea is very crucial to today’s generation and life style where most of the food products are canned, packed and added with preservatives. The product developed will be a kit which consist of strips, aerosol spray bottles, pellets coated with neutral natural substance incorporated with detecting chemicals, etc. This Kit is a box with various tools to identify food adulterants in milk and milk products, fats, oils, sweetening agents, canned fruit drinks, canned foods and packets.

Founder(s): Mr. Vignesh R K
Ms. Preethi E

Mentor Name: Dr N Anjutha Prabha

Company Name: New Life

Herbal Capsules for UrolithiasisOur start-up idea is to prepare capsules from herbal plants that will help to reduce side effects and help to regulate kidney properly. Our main goal is to control kidney stone disease with no side effects at affordable cost with high health benefits.


Founder(s): Mr. Sri Hari M

Mentor Name: Dr P Jeyanthi

Company Name:  Safeguardcyber Technologies

Crime Prevention System: Our start-up idea is to prevent crime with the help of IoT. The IoT based Crime Prevention System is a system that uses sensors to collect data about the environment. The collected data is then analyzed to identify potential threats, such as loitering, or other suspicious activity. When a threat is identified, the system would alert the police officials and/or other concerned authorities. This allows the police department to respond immediately by initiating necessary actions. This product plays a vital role in imparting security in the most crucial areas such as ATMs, public places, banks etc,. The applications of sensor to make our community much safer is an emerging domain.

Founder(s): Ms. Kaviya R

Ms. Shereena H

Ms. Sahana K

Mentor Name: Dr E Vijaya Gowri

Company Name: Cocoa Care

Upcycling Cocoa Pods for home care formulations: Our start-up idea is to valorize the cocoa  pod, an agri waste to caustic potash and to use it in formulation of home care products as an alternative to cautic soda. This product serves to design 100% plant based cleansing formulation free from harmful chemicals which can also be tailored according to the customers choice in crafting the soaps and laundry detergents/liquids.

Founder(s): Mr. Nizzar Hussain M

Mr. Mohamed Shameel J

Mr. Praveen V

Mr. Gnana Muthukumar

Mentor Name: Dr. K G Parthiban & Dr C Selvamurugan

Company Name: Palm Flow

Toddy Palm separator: The Toddy Palm Sap Separator is an innovative device designed to streamline the process of extracting sap from toddy palms efficiently. This technology aims to revolutionize the traditional methods of sap collection, making it easier for farmers and sap collectors to obtain palm sap while preserving the health of the palm trees. The Toddy Palm Sap Separator is a sustainable and user-friendly solution that enhances productivity, reduces labor, and minimizes environmental impact.

Founder(s): Mr. Arun Raj

Mr. Venkatesh

Mr. Purushothaman

Ms. Kanishka
Mentor Name: Dr M Ramalingam

Company Name: Tectovia Innovations

Quiz Web Application: Our start-up idea is an inclusive quiz web application tailored for visually impaired students, featuring an intuitive and interactive user interface. This project aims to enhance their learning experience by providing accessible quizzes, leveraging screen reader compatibility and tactile interactions. Through a seamless and user-friendly design, this application fosters an inclusive educational environment, ensuring equal access to educational content for all.

Founder(s):Mr. Shri Vishnu Vardhan V

Mr. Aneesh Kingslee Raj A

Mr. Logeswaran T

Mr. Balaji S

Mentor Name: Dr. K. Sheela Sobana Rani

Company Name: New-G Agro

Automated Rotavator: This product will take the current ploughing method to the next level, by automating the manual ploughing method. With the help of  AI, we can fix and control the ploughing direction of the rotavator by entering the measurements of the land in the digital screen. And also in this product, we introduced new idea for  the rotation and movement of the rotavator by using hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor.

Founder(s): Mr. Nirmal Kumar S
Mr. Hariharan B

Mr. Baladwarakesh S

Ms. Elavarasi K

Mentor Name: Dr.L. Nagarajan
Company Name: Whiteline Education Technology Pvt Ltd

Electric Vehicle Battery Swapping Machine:  Easy to swap our customer’s E-motor cycle battery with our smart containers, Battery Storage and Management. Battery Health Monitoring System, Vehicle Identification and Authentication *Real-Time Data Exchange, Predictive Maintenance, Centralized Management System, Payment and Billing Integration, Charging Station Integration, User Interface, Remote Monitoring and Control. 

Founder(s): Mr. Manimaran T N

Ms. Kumutha S

Ms. Nalinipriya D

Mr. Monish R V

Mentor Name: Dr. Prakash N

Company Name: V2 Industries

Wireless Electric Vehicle charging system with dynamic energy routing for optimized range and battery life: Our start-up idea is to craft a technologically advanced and user-friendly device for people using electric vehicles. It is designed to
charge the vehicle as it travels along the road, potentially eliminating the need to stop at charging stations. The main goal is to address the longer charging time of electric vehicles compared to conventional vehicles.

Founder(s):Mr. Gokul Prasath

Mr. Gopi Krishnan

Mr. Gokul S

Mentor Name: Mr. Prakash J P

Company Name: G3 Innovations

Wifi-Controlled Pick-Up Robot:  An wifi controlled robot with an arm that can help older people and those with restricted mobility. The difficulty in giving proper support and assistance to those who struggle with daily duties because of aging-related problems or physical disability is the primary concern in this industry. Conventional solutions like mobility aids and carer assistance cannot fully address the special issue of object handling and task execution. Additionally, there is a critical need for an alternate option due to the rising demand for caregiving services and the absence of healthcare experts. The suggested pick-up robot with an arm tries to close this gap by providing autonomous and dependable assistance. The idea aims to improve independence, autonomy, and general well-being for those with limited mobility by utilizing robots and wireless communication. For this technology to be successfully implemented, privacy, security, and customization issues must be considered. It’s also important to consider the ethical problems around human contact and the proper place of robots in caregiving environments. A WiFi-controlled pick-up robot with an arm, on the other hand, has the potential to change the caregiving industry completely, enhancing the quality of life for people with restricted mobility and altering the way help is delivered in this field


Founder(s):Mr. Jyothi Prakash D

Mr. Pavan M

Mr. Shaik Mohammed Atif

Mentor Name: Dr.S.Kannadhasan

Company Name: Clarazon Technologies

NFT Footwear: Through NFT Footwear, we get online money (Crypto currency) for every Footsteps we walk. The next step is to use NFC technology to see your distance walked and your bad fat reduce levels on your phone. If you walk a lot, this will show you how far you’ve walked and how many steps you’ve taken. Similarly you will be given online currency (Crypto currency) based on the distance you walk. By incorporating NFT technology into footwear, users could be rewarded with cryptocurrency for each step they take or for reaching certain milestones in their walking progress. This incentive system would encourage people to be more physically active. NFC is a type of technology that allows devices, like smartphones, to communicate wirelessly when in close proximity to each other.

Founder(s):Mr. Dinesh S
Ms. Sowbarnika S

Ms. Suweka R

Mentor Name: Dr. Thulasi Sivaraman

Company Name: Natura

Natural Herbal Soap: Soap is an essential personal care product used for cleaning and maintaining personal hygiene. However, the conventional soap-making process often involves the use of synthetic chemicals and non-biodegradable materials that can have adverse effects on the environment and human health. The increasing awareness of the benefits of natural and eco-friendly personal care products has led to a growing demand for soap made from natural ingredients. 

Founder(s): Ms. Sandhra

Mr. Siddharth P

Mentor Name: Dr. Paul T Benziker

Company Name: Dazzler

App for Unreached: There is growing usage of smart phones in India including the rural areas. The idea of project is to make use of the features of smart phones to guide the students from marginalized communities. The app provides updated information in higher education and employment reserved for the indigenous communities. The project has long term possibilities considering the penetration of smart phones in rural areas. We charge a favorable subscription fee in order to meet the expenditure and maintenance cost for the app.