Start – Up Company Project  Description

Founder(s):  Ms. Greena Sunny

Mr. Sreejith A

Mr.Raheeb U

Ms. Aiswarya R Nayanar

Mentor Name: Ms. Radhika K Manjusha

Company Name: Fluxtech Solution

Smell & Odour Monitoring Device : We are proposing an electronic device that can balance the unpleasant odor of the bathroom it can sense the odor with the help of an electronic nose and mark the level of odor in the room. If the odor exceeds its limit there is a communication system that alerts the respected authority which can be helpful for the cleaning purpose. We are also installing a QR code for the customer’s feedback. The idea proposed here has a base frame on the health & hygiene of comfort room atmosphere, our idea is a health-based idea that ensures safety from Saxon and other health problems, it is an electronic device which balances the odor in the atmosphere so whenever such a foul smell is experienced in the atmosphere the system will control that particular area and then apply the recovery procedure. The whole system is made in such a way that, it is automated with the help of sensors and a communication system is also installed to alert the respected authority in case the odor goes beyond its limit.

Founder(s): Mr. Ajith Shaijan

Mr. Majid Bin Sulaiman

Mr. Anirudhan P M

Mentor Name: Mr. Saneesh A S

Company Name: Aamten Tech

Bluetooth to IR Remote Technology: BiR is a technology which is designed to overcome the limitation to control old set-top box. Older IR remote is replaced by adding a external bluetooth smart remote which is connected to the set top box using a converter(Bluetooth to IR) which is place just before the Set-top box’s IR signal receiver. The device only replace the remote control method it doesn’t replace the Set-top box

Founder(s): Ms.Muppala Pooja
Ms. Daivala Deepika

Ms. Hema Naga Srilakshmi

Ms. Polamreddy Dharani

Mentor Name: Dr.V.Jayaraj
Company Name: PHDD Innovations

Soil Fertilizer RecommenderOur start-up idea is to craft a device that is technologically advanced and easily usable for people who practice agriculture. It is developed to identify the level of nutrients present in the soil and inform the farmer about the requirements. It also identifies the soil moisture and PH level of the soil. The main goal is to automate Agricultural practices at affordable cost.


Founder(s): Mr. Shankar Shiju

Ms. Aravindh M
Mr. Rajkamal D

Mr. Madhavan M

Mentor Name: Dr. S. Jeevanantham

Company Name:  Mech – Tech Solution

Design and Fabrication of Arduino based Solar Tracking System with
Vertical Windmill
We are utilizing the renewable energy like solar, wind energy and convert it into electricity. Using fixed Photovoltaic panels extract maximum energy only during 12 noon to 2 PM in which results in less energy efficiency. Therefore, the need to improve the energy efficiency of PV solar panel through building a solar tracking system cannot be over-emphasized. We are using Vertical windmill to maximum energy at the same time solar is producing energy so both can be combined to form good amount of energy from same area.

Founder(s): Ms. Princya S
Mr. Mohammed Ariffin

Mr. Santhosh S

Mr. Mohammed Ashiq

Mentor Name: Dr.P.Maniiarasan

Company Name: Prophecy Electrics

Plastic Dry CellOur main motto is to recycle plastic into energy source.  We are manufacturing dry cells by converting plastic waste into liquid plastic which will be used as an electrolyte using plasma pyrolysis. 

Founder(s): Ms. Ajisha R

Ms. Kaviya V

Ms. Karthika P

Ms. Sandhiya Devi P 

Mentor Name: Mr.S.Mohan

Company Name: Infinite Creators

Gesture Control Bluetooth SpeakerBluetooth speakers are the most widely used speakers these days. This gesture based speaker takes bluetooth to the next level by integrating touchless operation. This Bluetooth allows user to change music just by swiping their hand over the Bluetooth speaker. Also this speaker allows the user to adjust volume just by raising and lowering their hand over the speaker. The user can operate the complete speaker operation without even touching his/her mobile phone or the speaker.

Founder(s): Mr. Gokula Kannan M P R
Mr. Kamala Kannan B

Mr. Dinesh Kumar S

Mentor Name: Dr. S. Rathinavel
Company Name: Green Packs

Bio-degradable food wrapping sheet by biofilms : Our start-up idea is to make a food wrapping sheet that is bio-degradable and which also increases the food life.
It is developed to eradicate plastic wrappers and to initiate the use of bio-degradable wrappers that doesn’t affect the food. The main goal is to destroy the pyrosis juliflora and to create a healthy food life and good environment.

Founder(s):Mr. Wasim Khan S

Mr. Baranitharan S

Ms. Monisha V

Mr. Pavithran R

Mentor Name: Mrs. K. Sivakami

Company Name: WON Medicare Services

Screening of Foot Ulcer Diabetic Neuropathy:   Our start-up idea is to detect the foot ulcer diabetic neuropathy in earlier stage. The diabetics is becoming a great threat to mankind the diabetic study show that up to 15% of the diabetic individual will develop their foot ulcer during the lifetime. Our idea to design a product for detecting the food ulcer diabetic neuropathy. Investigation of foot ulcer is carried out by the vibratory motor. The normalized peak pressure can be calculated by pressure by placing motors at different points. This proposed Idea gives complete information to examine the food ulcer which is highly required for the current situation.

Founder(s): Mr. Mohamed Bayas A
Mr. Parasakthi Kumar K

Mr. Rajiv R

Ms. Sasikala M

Mentor Name: Dr. S. Subasree
Company Name: Royaz Productions

 Smart Glaucoma PredictorEarly Detection and treatment of Glaucoma are important to prevent disease progression. Needto predict higher risk of developing visual field loss.  Existing Instruments needs more and complex procedure to detect Glaucoma.  To address this issue, this product Smart Glaucoma Predictor is planned to propose It will be more compact and portable Existence instruments cannot  be used without the support of any additional experts / technicians.

Founder(s): Mr. Rahul Joseph Saji

Mr. Alby A K

Mr. Aswanth Raj

Mr. Safwan M K

Mentor Name: Mr. John George

Company Name: Eco Friendly Innovations

Paper Bags from Banana Fibre to Replace Plastic and to Replace the Demerits of Normal Paper Bags : This innovation makes paper bags stronger, reusable and cheaper and most importantly its free from harmful effect for mankind and nature. The bags pose a problem when one tries to carry wet and moist things like milk packets vegetables and fish. Also paper bags are expensive owing to the production cost. But these bags are more stronger than plastic carry bags and withstand as much as or more than that a plastic bag can carry, also these bags are suitable for carrying leaking or damp items, also most attractively these bags are reusable for a long period (if get wet we can dry and use it again).

Founder(s):Mr. Abhishekh P S

Mr. Adarsh K

Mr. Adithyan P

Ms. Arathi Menon

Mentor Name: Mr. Mohammed Sameer T K

Company Name: Save – Gen

Wild Animal Repellent System Fields Using AI & IoTIn this project idea we are proposing an Ultrasonic device to repel wild animals that are entering in the agricultural field. We are planning to use modern technology like AI and IoT to identify the animal species and to produce the particular ultrasonic frequency which disturbs them. Solar panels and cells are used to produce the required power for working of the system.

Founder(s):Ms. Maria Nison

 Mrs. Swetha T P

Mrs. Fathimath Shameena

 Mr. Asish S

Mentor Name: Dr. Sapna Shrikumar
Company Name: Menorah Nano Plast

Development of Phytosome loaded herbal pain relief transdermal patch for Menstrual cramps Our start-up idea is to develop a Phytosome loaded herbal pain relief transdermal patch by isolating the bio fraction from the bark of Saraca asoca which will be highly effective and easily used for mild to severe menstrual cramps. It is developed to provide a permanent pain relief for women during those difficult times of their menstrual cycles. Our main goal is to develop 100% effective, affordable and instant pain relief Phytosome loaded transdermal patch with ignorable side effects.

Founder(s):Ms. Radhika Sivaraj
Ms. Aiswarya K N

Mentor Name: Dr. N. Tamilselvan

Company Name: Floralis

 Extraction of Polysaccharide Base Amphiphilic Biopolymer as a Novel Excipient For Pharmaceutical Tablet Coating: Our start up idea is to isolate polysaccharide base biopolymer from the fruit peel rind of Passiflora edulis, also known as passion fruit. This novel excipient will be an alternative for the synthetic and semi-synthetic coating polymers available in the market.

Founder(s): Mr. Saran M

Ms. Keerthana B

Mr. Vignesh G

Mentor Name: Ms. Abhirami P

Company Name: Vierdo Foods

 Multifloral Tea : Our start-up idea is to utilize flowers and herbs for making tea.Edible flowers are rich in antioxidants which fight against free radicals. Hibiscus helps to lower blood pressure and cholestrol and promote weight loss, protect the liver,fights cancer. Butterflypea flower helps to lower blood sugar level and has stress bursting effects which improves eyesight and also considered as brain booster. Cynodon dactylon and Eclipta alba are two among the ten sacred flowers Dasha pushpa which possess several health benefits such as it imparts and boosts digestive health, can treat kidney stone, headache, haemorrage, hypertension, cramps, dysentery and so on. So developing a multi floral tea can make the product more health beneficial.

Founder: Ms . Melvin K Roy

Ms. Sinasira B

Mr. Thanveer Shahin P K

Mentor Name: Ms. Anitha Krishnan V C

Company Name: Bija Cookies

Bija Treat Cookies for A Healthy StartOur start-up idea is to make healthy energy rich cookies for a healthy society. Cookies can be an alternative snacks everyday . Consuming cookies made by more nutrients helps in betterment of health in a tasty and easy way. More than a snack it is a health supplement. Seeds of Watermelon,Flax ,Pumpkin and flour of Banana which are enriched with vitamins and minerals that are the main Contents of the cookies. we will be using Banana flour instead of maida which is way more healthy .By Using seeds we will be utilising Waste of fruits,vegetables and flowers.

Founder(s):  Mr. Prasanth M

Mr. Salison Daniel D

Mentor Name: Mr. Ashutosh C Kakde

Company Name: Farm Mech Tech

 Manual Vegetable Planter: The actual use of planter for the farmer, they are in the need base stage of the technology for planting in less cost with the drudgery reduction. The main motive of the technology is to reduce drudgery of farm worker and give precision planting in less time with use of different seeds.

Founder(s): Mr. Shamnas S

Mr. Sharafudheen S

Mentor Name: Dr.M.Sivaraja & Mr P Madhan

Company Name: Low e-glass

Controlled Temperature Glass:   Our start up idea is to develop the Glass in order to minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that can pass through it without compromising the amount of visible light that is transmitted. When the interior heat energy tries to escape to the colder outside during the winter, the low-e coating reflects the heat back to the inside, reducing the radiant heat loss through the glass. The reverse happens during the summer by having the good thermal insulation property.

Founder(s): Mr. Mohamed Rafique K
Mr. Vishva R

Mr. Mohammed Farsil A

Mentor Name: Mr. Mohammed Raffic N

Company Name: Movimo Health Essentials

Dairy Based beverage , Dip Tea Bag and Date Seed Coffee Sachet: Our company focuses upon converting less considered waste resources in to healthy food products. Our start-up idea is to extract the potential benefits of date seed in the form of consumable health products which benefits mankind in several ways. Date seed in the form of waste has been roasted at suitable temperature and pulverized in to powder form added with ingredients such as palm candy, elachi and micronutrients along with chilled milk can be served as a beverage for combating fatal health issues such as diabetics, heart problems and low immunity conditions. The powdered product will be made available in the form of sachet at low cost and dip tea bag in the market.


Founder(s): Mr. Sanjay C

Mr. T. Kapil Kritik

Mr. Pradeep Singh Rathore A

Mentor Name: Mr. S. Satheesh Kumar

Company Name:  Smart Inventors

Multi Purpose Smart Solar Cloth Dryer It is very difficult to dry the clothes during the winter and rainy seasons. Improper drying during these seasons leads to an unpleasant smell rising and may give room for the fungal growth in the clothes. Also drying the clothes in the open atmosphere makes room for dirt during summer season. Keeping this in mind, a smart cloth dryer has been put forth by us which will overcome all the cloth drying problems throughout the year and all the seasons. 

Founder(s): Mr. Kesaav N A

Mr. Ragul T

Ms. Swathi P

Ms. Alisha Shaik

Mentor Name: Mr. Satheeswaran V

Company Name: SARK Infotech

Vehicle Accident Alert System: This project is to develop an application based on IoT which is used to help the users for saving their life. This application will be adding on functions such as reconnection, SMS triggering and Geo Location to ease user to identify accident spot. Since nowadays most of the devices have GPS and GSM technology which is readily installed and fixed inside their IoT devices. This product focused mainly to the users who want to keep track on their belongings as they are moving around so that they would feel secure as this IoT would also be able to help users to search back their belongings as well.

Founder(s): Ms. Janani S

Ms. Karthika S

Ms. Sarvadharshini M

Ms. Legha Shri K

Mentor Name: Dr.J.Suganya

Company Name: Yummy Circle

Development of Natural Nutritive Jelly with Protein and Dietary Fibre EnrichmentLack of nutrition and addition of synthetic ingredients in jellies promoted us to prepare jelly from natural under-utilized sources namely, banana pseudo stem juice and green pea extract which are highly enriched with dietary fibre and protein, respectively. Our proposed project is to convert the biowaste pseudo stem and underutilized green peas into a value-added convenience food product, hence, reducing global carbon prints by focusing on sustainable food processing. Our proposed product is more beneficial for growing kids, diabetics patients, people suffering from obesity, kidney stone and digestive disorders.

Founder(s): Mr. Sharan Sai P
Mentor Name: Mr.P.Siddharthan & Dr.M.Sivaraja

Company Name: Shaan Engineering Solutions & Co

Instant pothole repair mixShaan Engineering Solutions & Co is a start-up firm with innovative ideas for various problems arising in the field of engineering. Potholes are one of the main source of inconvenience and major cause of accidents. My project mainly focuses on this  aspect  of repairing those potholes with a new approach of filling them  with Non-Newtonian  fluid  rather than the  other  traditional methods in repairing those potholes as they require a lot of physical labour  and my method is economically  well driven ,requires less human effort.

Founder(s):Ms. Hrithika K V

Ms. Meena Kalyani B

Mr. Sreerag S

Mentor Name: Dr. David Jayaseelan

Company Name: Wov Naturals

Herbal Hand Wash: The main aim of hand wash is to prevent the spread of infection. Washing hands with hand wash is better than using alcohol based sanitizer. At this pandemic situation, world is in need of better herbal hand wash, which is free from all harmful chemicals. The harmful chemicals leads to various skin ailments such as allergies, irritation, cancer etc. From younger to older, hand wash plays an important role, hence using a chemical free herbal hand wash is mandatory.  Where our herbal hand wash includes the natural ingredients and free from all harmful chemical which are used in the hand washes available in the market. It is very effective and free from all skin ailments. At present, hand wash not only cleans your hands, but also saves’ your life.  

Founder(s): Ms. Safna
Ms. Hansa C B

Ms. Heba C A

Mr. Suhail Fasith A B

Mentor Name: Dr.M.Dhanalakshmi
Company Name: Nature Smiles

Biodegradable Packaging Material from fungal Mycelium: The objective of this project is to find an alternative to polystyrene foam which provided essential cushioning for packages to floatation devices since 1940s. This incredible material takes thousands of years to degrade. During the first two decades, more than 300 million metric tons of polystyrene were produced globally, which more than half disposed of within a single year. Demand has grown for a viable and cost- efficient alternative, one that is free of all the problematic environmental issues. This demand can be met with mycelium of the fungus which is light weight, easy to mould, easy to produce, biodegradable, viable and cost efficient. The global market of mushroom packaging can be segmented on the basis of application and region. On the basis of application market can be further segmented into industrial equipment, electronics, furniture, cosmetic and glassware, automotive components and wine shippers. Compared with polystyrene the cost of our product is very less. And the polystyrene is already banned. Our product will be highly profitable in the market at this stage. Mycelium-based bio-composites are potential alternatives for this transition from the traditional economy towards the sustainable economy. The production of this composite involves low energy consumption and reuse of agro-industrial residues, which are usually underutilized, discarded or burned. Furthermore, mycelial bio-composites can have low cost, they promote rational use of natural resources, their disposal does not result in damage to ecosystems and they have potential for alternative use of traditional synthetic materials.

Founder(s): Mr. Sreejith Mohan Kumar Nair

Mr. Karthikeyan P

Mentor Name: Dr.K.Narayansamy

Company Name: Ayush Herbo

Green Synthesis of Nano Particles from Polyherbal formulation against Viral Infections to boost the immunity :  Poly herbal formulations can enhance immunity and the Nanoparticles can be synthesized using poly herbal formulations that can fight against several viral infections including Corona Virus. After the synthesis of the Herbal nanoparticles, the shape and characteristic studies of nanoparticles can be done to standardize the formulation for herbal remedies. Herbal formulations can give more effective impact on the populations as it gives considerable good results without any side effects. It will also give good social benefits to the population.

Founder(s):Mr. Joel S P

Ms. Fazeela A

Mr. Karthik M

Ms. Karthika S P

Mentor Name: Dr.N.Saranya

Company Name: Plasto-Free

Chitoson based biodegradable active films for food and drug packaging :Bioplastics can be composed of starches, cellulose and biopolymers and variety of other materials. So, we are using Chitosan as a biopolymer which is use instead of normal Plastics. Most importantly for packaging of foods and vegetables. Chitosan is abundantly present in the shells and scales of fishes, which is extracted and used as source of chitosan in the project. Chitosan is one of the emerging materials for various applications. The most intensive studies have focused on its use as a biomaterial and for biomedical, cosmetic, and packaging systems. The research on biodegradable food packaging systems over conventional non-biodegradable packaging systems has gained much importance in the last decade. Chitosan is a naturally derived polymer, it is biodegradable and safe for human consumption. Food-focused researchers are exploiting the properties of chitosan to develop biodegradable food packaging systems.


Founder(s):Ms. Afsiya S

                    Ms.Hathiqa Hussain Ali H

                     Ms. Devi Vijayan

Mentor Name: Dr.A.Swarnalatha

Company Name: Seedy Bioproducts

Upscaling Agricultural Wastes-Value Addition to Jackfruit Seeds: The main focus of the Seedy Bio-Products is to produce safe and quality bioproducts from locally available edible agricultural waste. This is a social enterprise which promotes economically viable bioproducts from underutilized agricultural waste, through which it promotes sustainable solution to the existing societal problem. Generally, seeds of the fruits are wasted without utilizing for any constructive purpose other than for the cattle feed. The jack fruit seeds are one among those seeds which can be consumed by the human being but in recent years they are underutilized and less acknowledged by people. Upscaling this edible agriculture waste to edible cutleries will provide an additional income to the farmers as well as reduce the landfilling by the plastic cutleries.

Founder(s):Ms. Janany T
Ms. Saswatha Pramod

Mr. Sarankumar N

Mentor Name: Dr.R.K.Selvakesavan

Company Name: n-Bio Agri  Solutions

Nanofertilizer for enhancing Agriculture Productivity: Nano fertilizers are a recently developed product in agriculture using nanotechnology, which has the advantage of controlled release of the essential metals for plant growth. Recent studies showed that the combined application of biofertilizers and Nano fertilizers would improve soil fertility. Soil condition varies from place to place. Customised fertilizer is a new technology launched in India based on the nature of the soil. Every year the composition of customised fertilizer changes based on the nutrients present in the soil. A good fertilizer practice requires analysing the soil and supplementing the nutrients according to the insufficient nutrients in the soil. Our idea is to improve the customised fertilizer technology using Biofertilizer and nano fertilizer to support the rural farmers in and around the Coimbatore district.  

Founder(s): Ms. Anaamika B

Ms. Bhagyasree N

Ms. Reeba R

Mentor Name: Dr.P.Thirunavukkarasu

Company Name: Flora Techo Park

Endophytic Biofertilizers: In plants, microorganisms that are present, but do not cause disease symptoms, are called endophytes or plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB). Thus, many PGPB can supply plants with substances that are essential for the proper growth of the plant, such as plant growth regulating hormones and the solubilization of minerals, mobilized metals and their antagonistic behavior against plant pathogens and pests. However, chemical fertilizers, bactericide/fungicides, insecticides and pesticides have various ecological side-effects, and they can be found as residues in the crop. An emerging area of research is required in the biological control of the disease. Therefore, sustainable agriculture is still looking for agents and techniques to effectively control. Microbial liquid formulations production is the endophytic cultured of organic substances yielding by the microbial secondary metabolites known as bioactive compounds for the development of agriculture biotechnological applications. These organic substances which are in the microbial formulation are capable of plant growth, tolerating the heavy metals and other chemicals thus helping us in enhancing the plant growth, mineralization, solubilization and using as a bio-control for getting rid of other harmful microbes and enhancing the plant growth, etc. They also greatly influence the non- pollution of the environment and stress tolerance. 

Founder: Ms . Rakshana D

Ms. Harirashini R

Mentor Name: Dr.K.Kumaraguru
Company Name: Therapeutic Foods

Formulation of Therapeutic Candy for chronic diseases from Plectranthus Amboinics: Indian borage also known as Plectranthus amboinicus is a semi succulent Lamiaceae perennial plant with a pungent oregano like taste and odour.The other names of Indian borage are Ajwain leave,  Karpooravalli leaves, Pathachur, Muriyan pacha. It has a long list of health benefits, including the ability to improve skin, detoxify the body, fight against cough and cold, alleviate Arthritis pain, reduces stress and improve digestion. One of the most popular application for Indian borage contains anti-inflammatory compounds that can rapidly minimize redness and swelling. It is used to treat fever, the most common
symptoms of a cold or flu. This is high in anti-oxidant and can scavenge free radicals.