Start – Up Company Project  Description

Founder(s):  Ms. S.Kaviya,

Ms. S.Vennila,

Mr. A.J. Jeswin Nijoe,

Mr. A. Dominic Sepastin.

Company Name: Smart Agrolla

Automatic analysis of soil for plant growth: Our start up idea is to design and manufacture a smart soil analysis kit. The product will help farmers to analyze all the important parameters of soil required for planning the cultivation practices and also it will give the recommendations for improving the field conditions. This will help to increase the yield in the farmland. A smart kit which is suitable for all types of soil, so it can be used in all places.


Mr. Akshai Krishna.S




Company Name:


Automated soup vending machine: Our start up idea is to design and manufacturing soup vending machine. The main aim of the project is to replace unhealthy soft drinks like Pepsi, coke, 7up etc. So, we planned to introduce healthy tasty soup via vending machine to crowd places like Offices, Malls, Theatres, Restaurant, School and College canteen etc. This project reduces manual work for making mass Production of soup.

Founder(s): Mr. C.Vignesh&
Mr.S. Shahul Kamal
Company Name: HexaAir pvt limited

Vertical axis wind turbine with wind booster for Rural and Urban areas:

In our startup idea we have designed a new concept wind booster to overcome the disadvantage of starting VAWT at low speed that usually a problem occurring in traditional wind turbine. Our new concept turbine makes the incoming air faster because of the precision design so that it makes the turbine effective and makes to start at low wind speed. Since, it’s being very compact, less maintenance, noise less it can be easily fitted even in urban areas. Main advantage is, it uses renewable energy for its operation so it makes sense for future.


Founder(s): Mr. Akhilraj. AR

Ms. Sankari MN,
Mr. Ragul P,

Mr. Pandiyaraj S

Company Name:  Lans Flooring.

Manufacturing of tile using waste rubber (using shoes outer sole and scrap tyre): Our start up idea is to design and manufacture a rubber tile. By this method of tile making we can minimize waste rubber. It reduces the usage of sand and ceramic products .Reduction in cost of tile manufacturing .It reduces the burning of waste rubber and there by which controls the emission of Carbon-di-oxide. It also reduces the dumping of waste rubber on to the ground which helps in the control of soil pollution and hence improves ground water table.

Founder(s): Mr. Neetipudi Subhash &
Mr.  G. MohanRaj

Company Name: Purna Yesha Entrepreneurs

Vegetable Curry Maker: Our start up idea is to design and manufacture products like cooking machine that are used in daily purpose and used in developing technology. To manufacture a machine that helps people cook their food in an easy way and which takes very less time of their daily life. A machine which is compact in size, so that it can fit into house hold purpose.


Ms. Aiswaryalakshmi M B &

Mr.  Salman A.

Company Name:

A S Enterprises.

Floor Cleaning Cyborg Wiper: Our start up idea is to design and fabricate product like floor cleaning robot with automatic and vision guided mode that are used in daily purpose and used in developing technology. The proposed cleaner is specially designed for cleaning hospitals, industries, Shopping malls etc. The Cyborg Wiper is an intelligent enough to clean itself using sanitizer. The Cyborg Wiper will detect the obstacles and redirect itself. A robot which is compact in size and low cost, so that it can suitable into hospital and industries.

Founder(s): Mr. K.T.Gokul,
Mrs.FebinaMehraban.H &
Mrs. Shantini C

Company Name: SFG Pvt. Ltd

Automated Equipment to monitor Mask-wearing, Body temperatures with automatic sanitizer dispenser for public places: Our project focuses to solve the problem of overcrowding especially in public spaces. Help maintain social distancing and allow optional contact tracing inside the workplace in an organization.

Social Distancing Monitoring for public spaces and Fast Deployment Simplified Touch Tracing for faster recognising working staff or visitors who have been in touch with an infected colleague. As well as advance mask detection in public places.

Ms. Chitra G

Mr. Chandraprakash K

Company Name: RCC Innovations

Automatic Livestock Monitor: The idea of the project is to develop Automatic livestock barn monitoring system based on wireless communication networks in dairy farms to replace traditional manual data collection.

To monitor the vital parameters of a livestock, the Livestock Barn Monitoring System (LBMS) with temperature detector, vital sign detector, three axis measuring device detector and wetness detector has been developed. The system can even be used for analyzing the strain level admire Thermal Humidity Index (THI). The target of this project is to develop an associate to support the Automatic Veterinary System (AVS) in monitoring each livestock and AVS could support the entire veterinary system in Tamilnadu for digital storage of acquired data for research purposes, to spot closest hospitals and to make it convenient for veterinarian. The data acquired consists of the full detail of the animal from birth, medication given to the animal so that the further consulting doctor will refer those detail for clarity and provides necessary medication and immunogenic. The projected module consists of Arduino Uno Microcontroller, Sensors, WI-FI to realize a cattle’s sickness, WLAN MODULE is developed to observe the cattle’s daily activities.

Founder(s): Ms.V.Kamaleshwari,

Company Name: KH Electronics

Dual Mode Dishwasher: Our start up idea is to design a Dual Mode Dishwasher. This is very useful for society and Women’s. We can able to save water by Dual Mode Dishwasher than normal one. It will be Portable so it can be place in house kitchen and easy to maintain.


Mr. K.Vishnu Rohith,




Company Name:


Medi-Copter: Our start up idea is specified to design and innovative products like autonomous drones that are used to create an autonomous technology in day to day life that helps people for transporting the precious human organs and blood in a quick time without any effects and which keeps the organs and blood in a secure manner. A UAV which is compact in size, and so it is easy to monitor.

Founder(s): Mr. Sanam Siva Krishna Raju,
Ms. PenumarthiHema Sri and
Ms. AbbireddyKiranmayee

Company Name:


SMARTAGRI ENTERPRISES proposed the Startup idea which is to design and manufacture an intelligent product called Smart Sprayer, which was designed with Machine Learning Technologies.   It will adjust its Nozzle Patterns automatically for better focussing and spraying on infected areas effectively, which leads to reduce agrochemical wastages and environmental pollution as well.  This is a very useful and demanding product to farmers.

Founder(s): Ms. Julie Christina,
Mr. Tharanish,
Ms. Amirtha,
Ms. Subhasarmila

Company Name: Wecare Technologies

Smart Health Monitor: The idea is to monitor the patient’s health without interfering their everyday activities and without restricting their mobility. Thisproduct is used to check blood pressure, body temperature, ECG, blood oxygen level and pulse rate using sensors on a single unit that transfers the data to the cloud servers which can be viewed anytime by the users as well as health care professionals via our health care app instantly. All Analysis will be done and displayed in the Android App.

Founder(s):Mr.Rohinth.S &
MR.Athulkrishna K vinod

Company Name: Re-Gen Technologies R&D

Rapid Detection Of Snake Venom: Our idea is to develop antibodies against four common poisonous snake in India through biosensor kit for the detection of specific snake bite.

Principle behind our project is to develop kit /biosensor which can detect the type of snake bite by analysing its venom.

In a year, more than 1,00,000 peoples are dead by the snake bite.

The biosensor is used, on purpose, to decrease mortality caused by the snake bite.

Founder(s): Ms. Sajna A &

Mr.  Arul Jyothi J

Company Name: Quit Puff Pvt. Ltd.

Anti nicotine chocolate: Smoking cigarettes and taking occasional puff has been considered as an emerging trend depicting wealth and style. Cigarette smoking is bad for both active and passive smokers. Our start up idea is to manufacture anti nicotine chocolate which will help to quit the habit the smoking. Dark chocolate as a major ingredient to quit the habit of smoking is truly an innovative idea in the field of health care and biomedical. Since the existing market products are facing serious side effects developing such a product has turned into a need of the time.

Founder: Ms .Bhavini K
Co-Founder(s): Ms.AkhilaNarayanankutty,
Ms. Alma V &
Ms. Nair Yashika Vinod

Company Name: Paperegy

Not so paperly paper: Our start up idea is to produce handmade seed papers, stationery products and packaging solutions by recycling and up cycling plant/ agro-wastes and post-consumed papers and other materials. We emphasise on sustainability and to be a zero waste producer like never before. Our products would be a replacement to prevailing stationery/ packaging products and would be for daily/ regular use, apart from customisations. Seeds (flowers, herbs, vegetables) would be embedded in the products and post-use, it can be planted in the soil to germinate new plants. We provide a wide range of good quality products that inspire people to take a sustainable stand in an eco-friendly and pocket-friendly manner.
Sr. No. Outcome Total
1 Total number of Student Projects supported 25
2 Number of Prototype Developed 25
3 No. of Patents filed by students 13
4 No. of Patents Granted 01
5 No. of companies Set up by Students & Employment Generated 10