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About Us

With establishment of NGI NewGen IEDC, the Students pursuing at Nehru Group of Institutions would be entertained to convert their Business Ideas into successful commercial or social ventures through Multidisciplinary Module. NGI NewGen IEDC is planning to organize Business Plan Competitions/ Innovation Camps/ Hackathons with active involvement of Industry and Entrepreneurs so that students are exposed to new and upgraded technologies.

Students will be guided and assisted on various aspects such as preparing project reports, obtaining project approvals, loans and facilities from agencies of support system, information on technologies, etc under NGI NewGen IEDC. The Student Entrepreneurs should understand that their idea has a high degree of commercial viability leading to prospective business for global recognition. This promotes employment opportunities amongst the students.


NGI NewGen IEDC aims for Creative and Innovative Ideas or Products from multi-disciplinary Student Innovators that benefits the native economy for sustainable growth.


• Promote knowledge based and technology-driven Start-ups by harnessing young minds and their innovation potential in College Environment.
• To inculcate the spirit of Innovation and Entrepreneurship amongst the young students of Nehru Group of Institutions
• To increase commercialization of Innovations and support start-up creation through mentorship, expertise and networking.